Morning Coffee 26

  • I wonder what MSBuild would look like if the team had cloned drawn inspiration from Rake instead of Ant. Seems that PowerShell would have made a great foundation for build scripting.
  • Looks like the digital music business is about to undergo a dramatic shift. Nick Carr and Mark Cuban have more on the possible ramifications. A friend of mine is about to move over to the Zune team. Sounds like a good time to making that switch.
  • Anne Manes of the Burton Group says the time is right for UDDI, calling it the “foundation for governance”. Frankly, I think that gives UDDI a lot more credit than it’s due. We’re looking at UDDI as part of our SO infrastructure project, and I think it’s more appropriately called “one piece of the puzzle”. In my experience, the major roadblock getting projects to share technical details is desire, not discoverability. Getting information into the registry is much easier than getting teams to use that data rather than succumbing to Not Invented Here syndrome. (via Joe McKendrick)
  • Jeff Snover of the PowerShell team left me a comment the I “get” PowerShell. “Getting” it may be a better description, but it’s nice to see how well engaged the PS team is in the community.
  • After 13 long weeks, Lost is back!