Morning Coffee 25

  • I’m surprised we haven’t seen a laptop with a flash memory hard drive yet. Given the significant power, heat and performance advantage of flash memory over hard drives, I would have expected the laptop companies to have high-end laptops with flash memory hard drives by now. I’m probably getting a new laptop in the next six months, but I’d hold out until the end of the year if it meant being able to get one with a flash memory hard drive.
  • I wrote last month that “The next new language I learn will be F#“. I was wrong. It’s PowerShell.
  • I’ve been listening to Scott gush about CodeRush for years now. His post yesterday about the new free version of Refactor! for ASP.NET finally kicked me into action. I installed the CodeRush trial and will be commence bugging my boss to buy it.
  • Looks like big news brewing in the online identity space.
  • Dale is talking about service heartbeats. I’m pretty stoked that Dale is now spending 100% of his work time (when he’s not blogging about sports, politics or video games anyway) with me building service oriented infrastructure for MSIT.