Morning Coffee 35

Not sure why, but it’s a very slow day in the blogoshpere

  • Quote of the Day: “I get paid for people to tell me I’m full of shit” – Nick Malik
  • The Architecture Journal has a new website. Looks very cool. I might have blogged this before, but Journal 10 is about composite applications.
  • Latest CTP drop of Orcas is out (downloadable VPC is here). I’m glad DevDiv is providing this level of transparency, but I’m waiting for Beta 1. (via Sam Gentile)
  • Here’s a chance to try out OpenCongress: HR 1201, the “Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship” (or FAIR USE) Act which will dials back DCMA though Ars Technica is not impressed. It’s not on OpenCongress yet, but you should eventually be able to track FAIR USE here.
  • Two months into 2007 and I seem to be keeping with my average of one post a day. 28 days in February has resulted in 29 posts (and the day ain’t over yet!). Of course, this month some of the credit goes to Dale for keeping things going while I vacationed.