Morning Doughnuts 4

  • According to Reuters surgeons who play video games are more skilled. Remind me to ask the doctor if s/he owns an XBOX 360 the next time I am getting operated on.
  • I have reached the National Championship game in dynasty mode of NCAA Football 2007. The opponent of my BYU Cougars…why that would be Harry’s alma mater, the USC Trojans. Funny how that worked out.
  • Nicholas Allen writes in his blog about when you should use Indigo to write a channel, and more importantly when you should not. As most of you know Harry and I are doing quite a bit of work with WCF so we are interested in this type of advice.
  • Our team has been thinking about how to manage a large number of services in an automated fashion. This would include deploying new services, monitoring the services, automatically handling scaling, service discovery, and automated provisioning to name a few possible capabilities. I almost think of it like the next version of UDDI, especially when it comes to provisioning. I think that as systems become more distributed that the ability to automatically manage these systems is going to be key to their success. I know that some thought has already gone on in this area by people far smarter than I, but as I consider how to operate an infrastructure with thousands of services in it it is apparent that the opportunity is there for us to design and implement a system management framework that automates the majority of the tasks. I need to spend some time to consider how the framework would work, and document the capabilities.


Have a look at AmberPoint for your service governance needs, it should cover the things you mention. In addition, Microsoft will recommend it in their ESB guidelines for BTS 2006 R2.