Morning Doughnuts 3

  • What does it take to be an architect? attempts to answer this question by asking a bunch of architects.
  • I have started teaching my children about astronomy. I found an open source product called Stellarium that is excellent for learning about the celestial objects visible in your area.
  • A Methodology for SOA adoption? I read an interesting blog on this subject from a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a long article, but the author makes some interesting points including an outline for SOA adoption.
  • I finally picked up Gears of War on Friday. It really isn’t a game I can see playing much, although I can see why it’s popular. I guess the best and the worst part of the game is having to utilize cover so you don’t die right away.
  • Windows Live Writer is a great tool! I use it to author the blogs for my website, and this week I have been using it on these Morning Doughnuts posts. My favorite feature is that you can preview your post and see exactly how it will appear on your website. This has been particularly useful since Devhawk and my site look quite different.