Morning Doughnuts 2

  • Joel Dehlin, the CIO of the LDS church has an interesting blog entry on buy versus build this morning. His main point is that buying is often cheaper, but only if you can move your business processes to match the processes in the off-the-shelf software.
  • The search for Jim Gray by his friends and colleagues has been called off. Even with a massive high-tech effort no new clues have been turned up. For the sake of his family I do hope that the mystery is solved. I would imagine it is very hard to not know what happened to him.
  • I am currently running a Build and Deployment Task Force. We are trying to ensure that our team follows best practices when building new applications. The project that Harry and I are working on seems to be a good test bed for the process.
  • For those of you who read my blog you know I am passionate about how we implement Service-Oriented Architecture in the real world. I have been reading a book titled Service-Oriented Architecture: A Planning and Implementation Guide for Business and Technology. I find the description of real business objections, and how to solve them quite refreshing.
  • It appears that the San Diego Chargers are going to hire Norv Turner to replace Marty Schottenheimer as their head coach. I don’t see how fans of the Chargers can possibly see this as an improvement.