Morning Coffee 33

I realize yesterday I said I was on vacation starting today. In reality, I’m not going to the office today, but I have time to post this before my vacation starts in earnest.

  • I hit Zero Email Bounce in advance of my vacation. It’s been quite a while since the last time I got here and I hope to hit it much more often in the future.
  • The DSL tools team shipped a Designer Integration PowerToy that allows you to integrate models from multiple DSL designers into a single authoring tool. Gareth has more here.
  • Assorted PowerShell links: PowerShell Analyzer and PowerShellIDE. Both look interesting.
  • Personally, I like Notepad2 but apparently the only way to add a new syntax highlight scheme requires modifying the source code. Ugh. Anyone out there already added PS support to Notepad2? How about a suggestion for a simple text editor that supports extensible syntax highlighting?
  • Steve, Nick and Tomas all commented on my long running services WCF post. Tomas mentions Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) which looks to be developing an open spec queuing system like MSMQ or MQ series. Interesting, but given the lack of involvement of the major MQ and DB vendors, I’m hard pressed to imagine this gaining any kind of critical mass.


Have you looked at UltraEdit as a Notepad2 replacement? I've used it for years now and I love it. Adding new syntax highlighting to it is fairly easy. You can usually find a file for whatever you need (Nant for instance).