Morning Coffee 32

  • As 24 sputters, Lost hits it’s stride. Last nights episode rocked.
  • My old team keeps churning out great stuff. This time, it’s the new Composite Applications site.
  • In a follow up to a post from a couple of weeks ago, Joe McKendrick declares that “Rogue IT is Cool“. In the spirit of rogueness, maybe we get the Rogue Ale guys to whip up some IT themed beers? Service Oriented Stout? Architecture Ale? Programmer’s Porter? (you get the idea)
  • Scott Hanselman provides a detailed look at static analysis in general and NDepend in particular. I hereby coin the acronym YAGTSR, which stands for “Yet Another Great Tool Scott Recommends”.
  • Jeff Atwood thinks we should code smaller. He lists some positive aspects of small code (less bugs, less chance of failure, etc) and links to Bob Koss talking about the negative aspects of big code (harder to understand, harder to reuse, higher likelihood of duplication, etc). OK, I’m down, but where’s the how? I’ve got fairly radical ideas on this subject: regularly throw out your old code and start over. In movie making, there’s this idea that you have to “kill your babies“. Not literally of course, they’re talking about having the willingness to scrap your pet idea, favorite line, coolest shot, etc. for the sake of the bigger picture. I think the same goes for making software.