A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space

I’m taking some time off, starting tomorrow. I’ll be out all next week. That means that you’ll have to look elsewhere for your daily dose of Morning Coffee. I do have a few posts I’ve been holding back to auto post next week, so you don’t have to go completely DevHawk free. But if something big happens next week, don’t expect any immediate reaction from me.

In addition to various technical blogs, I read a variety of political blogs. Not sure why, but where most of the technical blogs I read are individual voices, political blogs seem to be more group efforts. And even on the individual political blogs, they still have guest posters that come in periodically and when the primary blog owner is on vacation. Since I’ve gotten into the habit of posting every day, I decided I’d try out a guest poster. So in addition to a few auto posted entries, my teammate Dale Churchward will be holding down the fort here at DevHawk in my absence. I’ve linked to Dale’s blog Half My Brain on many occasions, so you should have a passing familiarity with him.

One of the interesting things about having Dale posting here is how different he and I are. I’m a developer at heart but he’s an sysadmin at heart. I code, he scripts. I worry about developer productivity, he worries about management and operations. He carried a pager for ten years, I didn’t. I’m a Democrat and he’s <gasp> a Republican! (At least he’s not a Penguins fan.)

Seriously, one of the things that is great about working with Dale is the vast difference in experience. He’s forgotten more about management and operations than I know (though I am a fast learner) so we make a very good team. Have a good week and be nice to Dale while I’m gone.