Morning Coffee 30

  • Wes clued me in that the CodeHTMLer WLWriter plugin does support using the convert whitespace option. The Dialog UI is awful, but if you select “Edit Languages” from the dropdown in the plugin UI, you can set the UsePreTag option to false. While it is an ugly UI (sorry, Wes) it does allow you a lot of control over how the languages render. Not only can you change the settings for an existing language, you can add your own custom language if you want.
  • David Ing has tuned his one man show Taglocity into Terazen Technology Inc. Not sure why Terazen is located in Vancouver, but maybe next time hops the pond for a visit to his new company’s headquarters, he might take a detour a few hours south and ramble on about architecture with a few old friends.
  • My excitement about the new season of 24 is waning quickly. Last night’s two hours episode had so many “oh, come on!” moments that it overwhelmed my ability to suspend belief.
  • If you want to dig in the Connected Services Sandbox, start with this description. I just saw this on Larkware this morning, so I haven’t had time to dig personally, but it does appear related to the Connected Services Framework. And apparently there’s a contest starting in a few weeks.


I'll be over all the time Harry, and I'll even buy you a drink too. The Vancouver thing is because I used to live in BC, that UK snowboarding is about as good as you'd expect and that it's easier to get good people there than here in 'RemoteSheepTown UK' where I live. Admittedly, if I get stuck in traffic on the morning commute of 4725 miles then can it can get a little tiring...