Morning Coffee 128

  • After using Outlook 2007 as my RSS reader for a few months, I’ve gone back to RSS Bandit. I run two work machines (desktop + laptop) and I finally got tired duplicated blog entries because each copy of Outlook downloads the same post. Also, for some reason Outlook downloads the same Technorati posts over and over again.
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 was released. The latest CTP of the EF Tools is also available. And as per the press release, EF has gained support from “Core Lab, DataDirect Technologies, Firebird Foundation Inc., IBM Corp., MySQL AB, Npgsql , OpenLink Software Inc., Phoenix Software International, Sybase Inc. and VistaDB Software Inc”. I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but I guess you’ll be able to LINQ to Entities on a wide variety of DB platforms. Interesting Oracle isn’t on that list. Not really surprising, but interesting.
  • Here’s a new ASP.NET MVC article from Scott Guthrie, this one on views and how you pass data to one from a controller. Using generics to get strongly-typed ViewData is pretty sweet. But where’s the MVC CTP that was supposed to be here this week?
  • In news about web app tool previews that did ship this week, Live Labs announces Volta. Haven’t installed or played with it yet, but I did read the fundamentals page. It primarily looks like a tool to compile MSIL -> JavaScript, so you can write your code in C# but execute it in the browser. Sam and Jesus are excited, Arnon not so much. Arnon’s argument that being able to postponing architectural decisions is to good to be true is fairly compelling, and not just because he quotes me to support his argument. But I’ll download it and provide further comment after I experiment with it myself.
  • Simple Sharing Extensions is now FeedSync. Not sure what else is new about it, other than it’s been blessed with “1.0″ status. The Live FeedSync Dev Center has an introduction, a tutorial and the spec. (via LiveSide)
  • Dare likes tuples. Me too. I also like symbols.


about rss bandit: did you already tried the new rss client - It's an .net app as well
i've tried JetBrains Omea Reder 2.2 it's so cool you can try it