Blogging F# Code

I’m going to start posting about my F# parsing code soon. Obviously, I’ll make the code directly available, but I’m also going to be writing about it quite a bit. Since I’ll be posting lots of F# code snippets, I took the time to build an F# language syntax definition for CodeHTMLer. Of all the various WL Writer Insert Code plug-ins, CodeHTMLer is my favorite because it can be configured not to use <pre> tags, which many RSS readers handle poorly (in my experience).

In case anyone else wants it, I’ve stuck the CodeHTMLer F# language definition up on my SkyDrive. If you using the CodeHTMLer WL Writer Plug-in, you can easily add this to your machine. Once you’ve installed CodeHTMLer and run it once, go to the command line and type cd %appdata%WindowsLiveWriter and you’ll find the LanguageDefinitions.xml file. Edit that file to insert the add the contents of my F# language definition after the <CodeLanguages> tag and you’re all set.

BTW, the first language in the file will be the default language in the plug-in, so if you’re an occasional F# user, you might want to add the F# definition to the end rather than the beginning of the file. If you don’t want to further edit the XML file manually, you can select “Edit Languages” in the plug-in and edit the order of the languages to your heart’s content.