Morning Eggnog 132

  • My parents are coming into town tomorrow so I’m off for the remaining week or so of the year. Blogging will likely be non-existent, unless I blog something I come up with while geeking out with my dad.
  • Juergen van Gael demonstrates how to use TPL from F#. He wrote this once before using F#’s async workflows feature. I like the TPL version, though the new Action<int>(RowTask) is a little wordy. I’m guessing the eventual F# syntax will probably become something compact like action RowTask. (via Don Syme)
  • Andrew Peter ported RoR’s Haml view engine to ASP.NET MVC, calling the result NHaml. I haven’t played around with the new MVC stuff much, but I’m guessing ASP.NET’s control-based approach doesn’t work well when you separate out the controller code. If I’m manually authoring view templates, I’d much rather type NHaml’s syntax than the standard ASP.NET <% …%> syntax. On the other hand, there aren’t any design tools out there today handle the NHaml syntax. Also, I wonder if Andrew is working on a Sass port. (via DNK)