F# PEG Parser Next Steps

There are still a couple of posts to go in my Practical Parsing in F# series. But with Christmas and my parents on their way, I’m taking the rest of the year off.

I’ve stuck the code as it currently stands up on my SkyDrive. Conveniently enough, xUnit.net released their RC1 build yesterday, which includes supports for static test methods. I’ve included the RC1 build in the zip file on SkyDrive, as well as simple batch file so you can run the tests yourself.

Taking a break from this project will give me a good opportunity to figure out where to take it next. As the code stands, it’s not very useful – it simply builds a PEG AST from a PEG grammar. That’s just the first phase of a typical compiler. Without those other phases (you know, like “generate binary code”) this is just an interesting sample.

Since I’m in the “future pondering” phase, now’s the time to make your opinion known. What do you, dear reader, think I should do with this code? Bonus points for wanting to get involved.