Morning Coffee 129

  • Short coffee this morning, as I’m home with a tweaked ankle.
  • I started playing Indigo Prophecy over the weekend. It’s an original Xbox game, released as part of the new Xbox Originals program. It has a good metacritic score (84), though apparently it wasn’t much of a retail success. I’m enjoying it, though it’s not very challenging. It’s more an interactive movie than a game. Good story, though.
  • The ASP.NET MVC preview dropped today, Scott Guthrie has the details. Scott Hanselman has a 40 minute how-to video and Phil Haack has severalarticles up already.
  • Speaking of ASP.NET MVC and Scott Guthrie, he’s got another post in his series on ASP.NET MVC. This time, he’s covering how to handle form input / POST data.
  • Erik Meijer has posted some of his thoughts on Volta. He’s one of the guys behind Volta, so it’s worth a good look. (via Dare Obasanjo)
  • Late Addition – the ASP.NET Extensions is more than just the MVC stuff. It also includes AJAX improvements, Silverlight support, ADO.NET Data Services and ASP.NET Dynamic Data Support. Data Services (formerly Astoria) let’s you easily expose your database via RESTful services. I think Dynamic Data Support used to be code named Jasper. It’s a “rich scaffolding framework” for ASP.NET. I assume that’s to compete w/ Ruby on Rails.