Afternoon Coffee 126

  • In a surprise to exactly nobody, the Caps let coach Glen Hanlon go yesterday. I gotta say I feel for the guy. I mean, he had to go, but still. The Caps promoted the coach of their minor league team Bruce Boudreau. Makes sense – the farm team is where you develop players, why not coaches too? The team responded by beating the Flyers in overtime, though they did blow a 3 goal lead along the way.
  • It won’t get them back in the national title hunt, but thrashing ASU may earn USC a ticket to a BCS bowl, or the Rose Bowl if the Ducks can’t win without Dennis Dixon.
  • I finally finished Dead Rising today. A sequel has been rumored and hinted at, but not confirmed even though the ending left the door wide open. I really enjoyed it, so here’s hoping. I’m going to hold off on starting anything new until I get back from Canada, but it’ll probably be R6:Vegas. Don’t really have time between now and Christmas to finish Blue Dragon and it’s 3 DVDs.
  • In more “Screw Turkey Day, we’re shipping anyway” news, p&p shipped a new version of the Web Service Software Factory. This one’s called the “Modeling Edition”. I saw some of this stuff back in August, and I like what those p&p folks are doing. It’s worth a look, just to see how they’ve integrated DSL and GAT.
  • My old team shipped a new version of their S+S demo app LitwareHR. There’s also some tools for testing multi-tenant databases.
  • Quick reminder: I’m @ DevTeach Vancouver next week, so blogging will be light. I’ve got a series of thoughts on F# ready to post, but we’ll see when I get network access to post them. Given that I took a month off from blogging a short while back, I didn’t bother asking Dale to cover for me.