The Hawk Flies Again

After a week offline, I think I’ve finally gotten DevHawk back online. I’m having a few issues from my personal laptop, so if you’re having issues seeing the site, please let me know.

I took the downtime to make a few changes to the site. I fixed up a few things with the theme – I run 120 DPI on both my machines and the theme looked wrong in a few places. Now, except for the main text, I specify font sizes in pixels instead of points so it looks right whatever DPI you run in. Also, I finally got around to updating the stylesheet so the tag list and calendar renders correctly plus I added “older posts” and “newer posts” links at the bottom of the page.

I also took the opportunity to get rid of my Projects, Articles and Presentations sections. I didn’t trash the content, I moved it all to my SkyDrive. But now I’ve eliminated a bunch of pages from my site that I just never took the time to keep up to date.

Back to regular blogging “soon”.