Morning Coffee 2

Late start + early meeting = short post today

  • Want a free SAAB? Drop a line to my boss. Note, you have to be willing to steal it.
  • Saw Clerks II last night. It was the first Kevin Smith movie I haven’t seen in the theaters since the original. Better than I expected, but it’s time for Kevin to move on to new material.
  • Unlike most avid movie fans I know, I’m not a NetFlix customer. Nothing against them, but I’ve never been moved to sign up. But we did just sign up for the free trial of Blockbuster Total Access. Basically, it’s a clone of NetFlix, but you can bring your movies back to your local Blockbuster store and get a free rental on the spot. Plus, you get eCoupons (I think once a month) which are good for free movie or DVD rentals in the store. We’ll see how it goes.
  • As expected, I didn’t get much done yesterday. I don’t think anyone did around here. I did pave the dev partition on my laptop. My laptop isn’t very Vista friendly and we blew our hardware budget on new desktops (which I am definitely not complaining about) so I’m still on XP.
  • I wonder how well SQL MobileAnywhere Compact Edition works with ASP.NET? Seems like that would be a better choice than SQL Express for small websites like personal blogs.
  • Almost finished getting Christmas put away. What with the wind storm, it seems like it went by very fast this year.