Morning Coffee 18

  • I’m sure glad Heroes is back. And so far, I’m liking this season of 24 better than the last couple. I especially like how they’re introducing Jack’s family to the storyline – very cool.
  • Bill Gates will be onThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart next Monday. I rarely miss an episode (though I typically watch it a day or two later via my DVR) so I’m looking forward to this.
  • Roger Sessions latest ObjectWatch newsletter is available. Roger does his usual brand of relating architectural concepts to everyday situations (this time, planning his daughter’s wedding). This one was funnier than most – especially since I have a 1 year old daughter – though I’m still waiting for one of these that doesn’t contain the words “doppio machiato”. If you’re reading this Roger, don’t worry, I am enjoying every moment.
  • Apparently, I am the keeper of obscure development knowledge on my team. My teammate Buzz was getting an error in shdocvw.dll when trying to open an XSD with the BizTalk editor. He’s on an interim build of BTS06 R2, so bugs are to be expected, but he wasn’t sure what shdocvw was, so he asked me. In case you’re curious, shdocvw is the WebBrowser control.
  • Did I mention that I left my laptop power cord at the office again on Tuesday? That’s three times in four the last five trips to my office (not counting weekends, sick days and training). My boss actually got a spare from his boss that I can leave at the house 24/7.