Morning Coffee 10

Wow, I made it to ten of these morning coffee posts. That puts me only two orders of magnitude behind Mike and one order of magnitude behind Sam.

  • We got snow, again. My son apparently said the other day “OK God, that’s enough snow now”. When a 3 year old is tired of snow, you know you’ve gotten a lot.
  • Of course, people in snowier climates than here (the NorthEast, Northen Midwest, pretty much all of Canada, etc) will snicker that 5 inches of snow is “a lot”.
  • I’m moving my STS code into a new VPC for handoff to the dev team. I was running Virtual Server before, but for individual work like what I do, Virtual PC is much easier to use. Drag and Drop into the VPC alone is worth it to me to use Virtual PC instead of Virtual Server. I am using the beta of Virual PC 2007, though I couldn’t tell you what the differences are.
  • Steven King may love the new season of 24, but I can’t shake the feeling of jumped shark. However, I am impressed that Fox released the first 4 episodes of the new season today.
  • Two name changes later, the RTM version of SQL MobileAnywhere Compact Edition is now available. BTW, I found this blog post by Steve Lasker about using SQLce with ASP.NET. So it sounds doable, though not recommend. Of course, for those of us using shared hosting, SQLce is a non-starter until it becomes part of the standard .NET framework install.