Morning Coffee 7

News was expecting inches, but we only got a dusting of snow last night.

  • We had dinner last night with my old friend Matt, who moved to Amsterdam a year and a half ago and is getting to travel the world. Kids didn’t have a nap yesterday, so they weren’t quite on their best behavior, but it was great to see Matt. Hopefully it won’t be another 18 months before we see him again.
  • For the second time in four months, the power cable for my laptop failed. I wonder if there is something wrong with the power supply that’s causing the cable to fail? At least this time I wasn’t in Canada.
  • There’s a high resolution video of the Xbox 360 IPTV up on’s CES page. They make it very clear this is “something you need to get from your service provider”. Telling quote: “It’s kinda like what I have today, but better”. Doesn’t seem that much better, so far anyway.
  • I’m knee deep in WCF security code again. Mucking about with X.509 certificates sucks. I tried to follow these directions to create a dev root CA certificate as well as dev certs signed by said dev root CA, but I get security negotiation errors because the system can’t check to see if the cert has been revoked. I guess I’ll just install Certificate Services instead
  • My nominee for best new acronym: JBOWS (Just a Bunch of Web Services), apparently coined by Joe McKendrick. Web services, to date at least, seem like they’re being used primarily for building distributed applications, rather than a loosely coupled services. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, unless you’re fooling yourself (or those holding the purse strings) that you’ll get integration “automagically” or “for free” just because you’re using web services. Joe McKendrick is definitely not an SOA-hole.
  • The next new language I learn will be F#. Just not sure when or how.


For F# information take a look at