Meeting Ted Leonsis

By coincidence when I was in DC last spring, I got an email from Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman of American Online and owner of the Washington Capitals. Long time DevHawk readers might remember that I called Ted “an abomination to the sport of hockey” in the wake of trading Peter Bondra in the “Great Caps Fire Sale of 2004″ (Jagr, Lang, Nylander, Gonchar and Bondra). So I was somewhat surprised that wrote that he wanted to meet me since I blog a lot about the Caps. As I was in town, we arranged a meeting on short notice. I gotta say, it’s much easier to call someone an abomination on your blog than to their face. 😄

I got to spend an hour chatting about hockey – both from a game and ownership standpoint. Not that I’m likely to own a hockey team any time soon, but it was cool to hear about. I agreed with the owners during the lockout before Ted’s hockey team math lesson, but it was useful to see all the numbers laid out. We also spoke about Web 2.0 and new media to some extent. I guess it’s not surprising that a vice chairman of AOL is acutely aware of the changing face of the media – hence his reaching out to bloggers, even ones that have said bad things about him.

Anyway, expect to see more hockey coverage on these pages in the future. And significantly less owner name calling, unless we trade Calder Trophy winner Alexander Ovechkin: