Gartner EA Summit Day Two

I didn’t post a day two wrap up of the Gartner EA Summit because I only made it to my session and booth duty right afterwards. That wasn’t the original plan – the pipes in the bathroom of my hotel room kept banging so I didn’t get much sleep.

My session went well. I heard from several people afterwards that it was their favorite session or that it was the highlight of the conference. Nice anecdotal evidence, but I still want to see the scores. They recorded the session, hopefully I can get it so I can publish it here. I had lots of great conversations afterwards (as expected). Maybe Gartner will have me back next year with twelve months of my new project under my belt.

One suggestion for the Gartner folks. Next year, don’t pick a logo with an arrow in it. I got a little confused when I first showed up because I followed the arrow and ended up on the wrong side of the hotel from the event. My friend Scott snapped this picture of a sign with two arrows pointing in different directions.