Thank You Stephen Colbert

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I’m guessing the White House Correspondents’ Association didn’t run their choice of dinner entertainment past the actual White House. Last year, Stephen Colbert had this hilarious bit on Laura Bush’s “after hours” show @ last year’s dinner.

I wonder who thought “Let’s get the guy that made the joke about President Bush bathing in a bucket of horse semen last year to appear at this year’s Correspondent’s dinner.” Actually, I don’t have to wonder. It was Mark Smith from AP Radio, the President of WHCA, who admitted to being responsible for signing Colbert while introducing him Saturday night. This guy considered “Colbert: AP is America’s #1 threat” a “pit-in-my-stomach, career-in-flames moment”. I’m guessing he’s in full barf-o-rama mode after Colbert’s stunning performance. This administration isn’t exactly known for forgiving and forgetting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Smith could get to the White House in the future was the online tour.

You can get the transcript from Daily Kos and the video from Vast Moderate Conspiracy. The video is also up on YouTube (in parts). Check out Thank You Stephen Colbert for links. And while you’re there, you can join the nearly 14,000 people who have said thanks in just under 24 hours.