I finally got around to signing up for a FeedBurner feed for DevHawk today. It’s available here. I’ve updated my site template, but existing readers are still getting the old feed. Scott has built support for FeedBurner into dasBlog, but it isn’t released yet. Feel free to switch over on your own if you want, but I’ll get the automatic redirection working soon enough.

Update: Apparently I didn’t look hard enough. FeedBurner support made it into the currently shipping version of dasBlog, so I’ve turned it on. Thanks to Tomas Restrepo for the heads up.


Harry, The feedburner support is in dasBlog 1.8, that's what I'm using over on my site. What version are you using?
Hey Harry - just curious - what's the key advantage that made you decide to use Feedburner? I considered it a few times, but haven't found enough reason to give others "control" over my feed... maybe I'm paranoid or missing something (or, most likely, both).
They have some nice value add services, such as tracking the number of subscribers, integrating my del.icio.us links and the like. But the main reason I did it was so that I have some more flexibility with my site. I want to make some changes to the structure of my site, and having my feed served thru FeedBurner means that I can move things around w/ affecting my subscribers...