Lang.NET 2006

Erik Meijer just posted details about Lang .NET 2006 over on Lambda the Ultimate. Looks to be the next generation of the Complier Dev Lab I attended last month. The appear to have opened up the program significantly, and are asking for abstracts for both 30 minute talks as well as 10 minute “lightning” talks. If you’re interested in submitting, here’s the list of topics they are most interested in:

  • Dynamic languages and scripting
  • AJAX and ATLAS
  • Domain specific languages
  • Functional languages
  • Object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming
  • Web-services and mobile code
  • Libraries
  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Compiler frameworks
  • Garbage collection
  • JIT compilation
  • Visual Programming
  • Success and failure stories
  • Non-standard language features and implementation techniques
  • Tools and IDE support