CLR Everywhere

Big news from the Game Developers Conference this week is the XNA Framework. From the press release:

The XNA Framework contains a custom implementation of the Microsoft® .NET Framework and new game-development-specific libraries designed to help game developers more easily create cross-platform games on Windows® and Xbox 360 using the highly productive C# programming language. Using the XNA Framework, game developers will benefit from the ability to re-use code and game assets in developing multiplatform titles, without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

So now I can the Xbox to the list of personal technology I can program, joining my phone, my TV, my server and my laptop all with C# or VB (VB plug brought to you by Brian and Erik who think I should to switch). I wonder if XNA Framework will support WPF?

BTW, I still want an easy way to program my house and my car, but I’m sure those are coming.

Where else should the CLR live?


The opening video for the DVD is cool, as is making the DVD experience part of the XNA page on MSDN. That looks fascinating. (Not having a machine without production on it, I didn't click the install button.)
Of course, SPOT on!
You will be able to program against your car in .Net as soon as we can get the hardware finished ;-) Check it out in about 30 days!
nice to hear that