No Go on Developer 2.0

Well that was the most annoying business trip of my life. The short version of the story is that my flight to San Francisco sat at the gate for over two hours before they decided to offload everyone and rebook them. I ended up taking a flight into Oakland which was itself thirty minutes late. Combined with the longest AirBART bus trip from Oakland Airport in the history of mankind and I ended up being 20 minutes late for my session, which they had canceled when it became clear I wouldn’t make it. Mucho apologies to the FTP staff, though I was in contact with them thru the day so they are well aware of the effort I made to be there on time.

The most annoying part was the airplane crew who continuously assured me that I’d make it because the repairs we were waiting on would be finished any minutes. Two hours later the damage was done.

I guess if I go to Toronto or Orlando, I’ll go in the day before to avoid this happening again. I didn’t want to be gone from home the extra night since both my kids are sick. But instead, I ended up going to SFO for nothing which is worse.