First T-Shirt Sale

So I’ve already sold two of my new t-shirts. Not quite enough to retire on, but it’s a start! 😄

If nothing else, this has helped me realize just how popular Zazzle is. As I type this, my shirts are on page 20 of Zazzle’s most recent shirt list. That’s 304 new shirt designs since yesterday. That’s pretty impressive.


No, actually it shows how popular your blog and RSS feed are [;<). I got them in dark blue. One is as a gift for a colleague. And I'm a firm believer that code is rarely the model. Heh. I'm much more aligned with your dad on "What Is a Model?"
Nice of you to say! Maybe something related to modeling should be my next shirt. :)
I like your new site design too. Although when I come to the comments page I get a "Caution: This website contains suspicious content" banner from the Phishing Filter." So, I just retrieved an e-mail from DHL Express confirming that the shirts were shipped today with estimated delivery of Tuesday (assuming the Menlo Park pickup came off as planned). Hmm, modeling on a T-shirt. I suppose so. I was given one like that as a going-away present (in 1992 on taking a transfer to another organization) that has a printing-system architecture printed on it. Modeling. That would be interesting. Now you've got me wondering what T-shirt I would want to wear at OOPSLA this year. Hmm. I need to do one that bridges between "What Computers Know" and "What Programmers Know," perhaps.
Well, I found the T-Shirt delivery on my front porch as I was leaving to go to the SEASPIN meeting and David Anderson's presentation on the MSF Agile CMMI approach. I was afraid of missing the bus, so I didn't wear it. That would have been fun. The cool thing is that the T-shirt shipped earlier than their promise and arrived a day earlier than the expected delivery as well. It would be interesting to see how Zazzle works their just-in-time and delight the customer process so beautifully. I'm still thinking about the model case for a T-shirt, and David's talk reminded me that I already have a design that would make for an interesting T-shirt at
That's a cool symbol. And it's a great use for Zazzle - to promote something. That and humorous comments.