Us the Inclusive

With the real and serious problem we face in this country – the civil war in Iraq, the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, rebuilding New Orleans, etc. - it boggles the mind that we waste any time at all on faux controversies such as the so-called “War on Christmas”. Getting Wal-Mart to use “Christmas” instead of “Holiday” in their marketing seems like a dubious accomplishment at best.

But where I rail against such stupidity, my brilliant wife writes poetry. One of Julie’s conservative friends sent her an insipid poem that’s been making the rounds on the Internet called “How The ‘Left’ Stole Christmas”. I must have missed Wolf Blitzer changing his name to “Wolf Blitzen” or the Senate passing legislation to take away Christian’s faith and forbid them to speak of salvation and grace.

My response would have simply been “Read the First Amendment, idiot!”. My wife, however, wrote a poem of her own in response. Check it out.