Common Ground with My Conservative Teammates

I came in this morning to discover my boss and next cube neighbor Rick had decided to spruce up his cube with camo netting. He’s ex-Army, so it’s not like it’s out of character for him. Of course, the camo netting has the exact opposite of it’s indented effect, making Rick’s cube very easy to find in the farm.

Unlike my last team, most of my teammates are conservatives. But apparently we can find common ground in our opinions of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Rick called him an abysmal failure. I couldn’t agree more. Dale joked that Rumsfeld was joining our team and moving into Rick’s newly camo festooned cube. Rick countered that Rumsfeld was actually joining the Enterprise Architecture group. Heh.

Update: Dale points out he made the joke about Rumsfeld joining EA, not Rick. My bad Dale.


Slight correction. After Rick said that Rumsfeld was an abysmal failure I suggested he might fit better in the Enterprise Architecture group. Rick then repeated it. To the Enterprise Architects, I was just kidding, really...don't stone me.
Years ago, I knew a couple of guys that used camo netting over their cubes. In my opinion, it really improved the lighting and the acoustics of their cubicles. It was fun to visit them and collaborate in their cubicles -- we could really concentrate and get stuff done under the nets. Neither guy was ex-Military and I have no idea about their political affiliation. A maintenance guy came by and asked one of my co-workers to take down the net. My co-worker refused. The maintenance guy said "It is a fire hazard!". My co-worker then explained that the netting conformed to MilSpec#Such-and-such and is completely fireproof. I thought he was about to demonstrate this when he whipped out the coolest cigarette lighter I ever saw! Last I remember, the netting was still up.