Drop the Puck!

The 06-07 NHL season finally starts tonight. This offseason feels longer than most, probably because I’ve been more involved with hockey this past offseason. But the opening night rosters are set and the Sabres and Hurricanes face off in just over five hours. Here are a few quick thoughts:

  • NHL.com has gotten a make over. I don’t know who their designer is, but somewhat should clue them into “less is more”.
  • There’s a new beta service called NHL Connect. Looks like forums and blogs and profiles right on NHL.com. Looks cool, but currently it’s invite only. I would hope it would open up soon. Nice to see Caps fans representing – the Washington Capitals Official Group is tied with the Kings for most number of members (so far).
  • Via Off Wing Opinion I found this article by Dave Fay about the NHL’s point system. His recommendation: “winning a game in regulation should be worth three points, winning in overtime should be worth two, winning in a shootout should be worth one. Losing at any time should be what the reward has always been for losing — zero.” I could live with that. I’m also cool with two points for a win and none for a loss, regardless if it goes to overtime or shootout. I’d even be OK (but not elated) with three for a win in regulation, two for a win in overtime or shootout and one for a loss in overtime or shootout. But the idea that you had out more total points for an overtime game than a non overtime game is just stupid.