Developer 2.0 at VSLive!

FYI, for those going to VSLive! in San Francisco, I’m a last minute addition to the schedule. I’m presenting a talk titled Developer 2.0: Finding Your Way in the Future of Software Development. I wrote and delivered this presentation originally for the patterns & practices Summit back in December. It was the second-highest rated talk of the summit (after Anders’ LINQ keynote) so I’m excited to be delivering it again. I’m hoping to get a high-quality recording so I can publish it (I recorded the p&p summit version with my laptop. You can hear it but I wouldn’t say it’s “high quality”). The session is at 5:45pm on Tuesday. I’ve been told it’s in room 2016/2018, but you should double check when you get there if you’re interested in going.

There’s a solid showing from the Architecture Strategy Team at the VSLive! Software Architecture Summit this year. In addition to my last minute addition:

See you in San Fran!