Two Things I Want From My Digital Camera

GPS and Voice Recording

Omar does a good job covering the GPS front, so I won’t bother repeating those reasons. However, often when I’m taking pictures of something, I want to record a little voice note so I can later remember some details about whatever I’m shooting. Maybe the place has history, or maybe something caught my eye. Often, looking back at picture I can remember those things, but not always.

And since I’m asking, I wouldn’t mind bluetooth so I could shoot pictures of my kids and send them to my parents via my mobile phone. Sure, the phone has a camera…a crappy one. Fun for my MSN Space, but not for any serious picture taking.


My HP PhotoSmart 945 has voice notes. I just keep pressing the button and start talking to get voice added to the picture. The file is stored as a wav file with the same filename as the image.
Thanks B@rney! That's EXACTLY what I was looking for.
My Nikon 7900 has voice notes too. That was the one I used to take a picture of you and Allen wallpapering....and which you used to take one of me and Allen wallpapering. Tiny little thing (the camera that is, not you, me, or Allen). I too wish it had GPS.