New Dev Partition Contents

I’m feeling particularly geeky having just re-imaged my laptop’s dev partion. This is what’s running on it so far:

Not that this is of much use to anyone, but I thought it was cool. Not sure what I’m going to do with all this stuff yet, but I just had to have it all. I guess the stint in marketing didn’t completely wipe out my interest in coding.

FYI, I have to give major thumbs up to Terabyte Unlimited’s BootIt NG product. My laptop runs three partitions: Production, Development and Documents. Putting all my docs on their own partition means I can pave the other two pretty much whenever I want. However, Windows XP wants to make the first partition it finds the C drive, even if you eventually choose to boot off another partition. This means I can’t create an image from on partition and restore it to the other. What a pain. But with BootIt NG, I can choose which partition to boot and hide whichever of the others I want to.

I still use VPC for a lot of my dev work, but for Avalon and/or device development – where VPC isn’t really practical – having a separate partition for dev work is really helpful.