Blah Blah Architecture

If you heard my PDC05 Buzzcast but just can’t get enough of my voice, check out Architect MVP Mario Cardinal‘s Blah Blah Architecture podcast. I spent some time with Mario at TechEd talking about the Architecture Resource Center, why we designed it the way we did, why we have a site on MSDN and, how are taxonomy works, etc. Mario then takes my basic explanation and helps fill in more of the details, such as the relevance of the Architecture Resource Center to folks not using Microsoft technology. We also talked about Architecture Journal as well as why Microsoft invests in architecture.

BTW, I make some of the same points about architecture – as it differs from engineering, that it’s the space between business and technology, and the effect of title inflation – that I’ve made here on this blog this past week.

I guess I need some new material. 😄