I Said I’d Be Back

So my time off ended a month ago, but I haven’t blogged significantly in over two months. New kid + new job + new house will do that to you. However, I spent the time this morning upgrading DevHawk to the new 1.8 version of dasBlog and I’m ready to jump back in.

Back when I was still on leave, my new boss John deVadoss this to say about my new job:

Our current thinking is that Harry will focus on two top-level areas

  1. Being the storyteller (Metropolis, Connected Systems etc)
  2. Changing the way we evangelize Architecture – its not all about n-dimensional frameworks, with m layers of abstraction, about perspectives and viewpoints, with n-layers of capability mappings, and enterprise frameworks up and down the wazooo, blah blah blah.

I loved #2. Architecture is such different things to different people (more on that later) but I thought John’s description about what it’s not all about was priceless.