The Inform Language

I got interested in computers when my dad started bringing home a terminal to access his companies mainframe over a 300 baud telecoupled modem. The first terminals were paper-based, then we moved-on-up to a VT100. I got interested in programming because I wanted to be able to build my own game like Adventure or Zork. The rest as they say is history and some 20-25 years later I work for Microsoft. I never actually built an adventure game, but if I still wanted to, apparently Rory is teaching a sesson on Inform which apparently is a language for building Interactive Fiction.

Sounds like Code Camp is going to be a blast. Note to self, bug Rory for his slides.


A lot of us have the same kind of story for how we started, long ago... A hobby project which has become more than just a hobby project is our Kid's Programming Language (KPL). It's a full-featured IDE for kids, including a simplified structured language, and a bunch of entertaining sample programs. All aimed at encouraging and helping them learn to code, and all built on top of .NET. It's a freeware download on our site:, and feedback is more than welcome. I will check out Inform, too. Thanks for the link.
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