QOTD : Harry Pierson

Yes, I am my own quote of the day…

“There are no stupid questions, just ones that are easy to mock”


HHHuuummm...... This sounds a paraphrasing of my favorite "workplace vindictive": "Cluelessness": There are no stupid questions. But there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots. liberlly stolen from my favorite "workplace attitude adjustment" website: www.despair.com (specifically the "workplace motivator" poster at http://www.despair.com/cluelessness.html) (My second favorite? Dilbert's website of course!) I buy the Despair calender each year for my zoo cell...er, cubicle, and I've got a stack of "cluelessness" sticky-notes on my desk ready to write prescriptions for anyone with this affliction... (Usually, it's a URL, like where to go to get "some stuff" on that Windows operatin' system, msdn.microsoft.com. DDDUUUUHHHHHH.........) The hilarious thing about despair.com is that I actually know more than one guy who's lost their job here in Sillycon Valley due to plastering their cubicles with these $15 posters...only to find out how severly humor-impaired some bigwig was... I just tell them, "You don't REALLY want to work for those kind of jerks, now DO YOU?!?!" Oh, your QOTD would CERTAINLY qualify as a good example of a "disrespectful" workplace technique...according to the "Respect in the Workplace" mandatory class I had to attend this week. The mere act of "mocking" someone would get you some demerits or a paddlin' out back... Keep up the good work! (And visit Despair.com for more ammo to use against the clueless and other branches of the Homo Stupidien tree of life...)