Architecture Webcast Series

Coming in June, hot on the heels of TechEd is the Architecture Webcast Series. This is a series of four webcasts in June and July of architectural topics such as service orientation and reusable frameworks. In addition to the valuable content, you’ll also get a free patterns & practices book and get entered into a drawing for a portable media center. Here are the webcasts:

Connecting Your Business with Service Orientation
This webcast invites you to delve into the Microsoft vision for service orientation and service-oriented architecture in enterprise computing. Discover the benefits that service orientation can bring to your business and how service orientation can play an integral role in developing connected systems. You’ll also become more familiar with Microsoft offerings and initiatives in the area of service orientation. And you’ll come away with practical guidance on how and where you should invest in the skills and technologies needed to capitalize on the short- and medium-term promise of service orientation.
Live Webcast: 10:00-11:00 A.M. PDT, Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Creating a Shared Technology Vision
Increasing business complexity and rapid industry changes are forcing IT and business executives to look for new ways of leveraging technology. Executives must become enablers for strategic innovation and sustainable competitive advantage (top line) rather than just operational efficiency (bottom line). The paths to business flexibility and innovation run through enterprise architecture that can allow companies to decompose their strategies, processes, and technologies into a set of services using proven theoretical frameworks and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Learn more about this effective and simple approach that can bridge the business-IT alignment gap and inspire the creation of the shared technology visions that can power real-time, event-driven network organizations of the twenty-first century.
Live Webcast: 10:00-11:00 A.M. PDT, Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Value of Reusable Frameworks
Frameworks provide the building blocks of component-oriented application development through inheritance, abstract types, interfaces, and design patterns. Microsoft and Avanade have been working together to create a set of common application blocks and provide these blocks in an extensible and reusable manner. This joint effort has resulted in the release of Enterprise Library, a set of reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges, such as Security, Data Access, Instrumentation, Exception Handling, and Caching. In addition, Avanade has extended Enterprise Library with a set of advanced application blocks for implementing Aspect-Oriented Programming and Service-Oriented Architecture called ACA.NET. This webcast will provide an overview of the architecture of Enterprise Library and ACA.NET, and discuss the design patterns that were used to implement the application blocks.
Live Webcast: 10:00–11:00 A.M. PT, Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Examining Enterprise Service Patterns
The demands you face to produce aggregated views of business information and automate business processes are more intense than ever before. You have to deliver on these demands to assist in the growth of the business while at the same time driving down the cost of IT by commoditizing integration, aggregation, and process management in a complex heterogeneous environment. In this session, we’ll examine a common set of enterprise service design patterns for commoditizing integration, aggregation, and business process management. We’ll consider J2EE, Microsoft .NET and host environments.
Live Webcast: 10:00–11:00 A.M. PT, Tuesday, July 12, 2005