Agile and DSLs Workship

I’m not sounding off in the pub, so I guess I’ll blog the workshop that Alan and Steven Kelly from MetaCase are doing at XP2005. It’s called “Agile Development with Domain Specific Languages” and here’s the abstract:

This workshop will investigate the application of Domain Specific Languages within Agile development. A Domain Specific Language (DSL) is designed to express the requirements and solutions of a particular business or architectural domain. SQL, GUI designers, workflow languages and regular expressions are familiar examples. In recent years, Domain-Specific Modeling has yielded spectacular productivity improvements in domains such as telephony and embedded systems. By creating graphical or textual languages specific to the needs of an individual project or product line within one company, DSM offers maximum agility. With current tools, creating a language and related tool support is fast enough to make DSM a realistic possibility for projects of all sizes.