Podcast Software Still Pretty Rudimentary

So I’m experimenting with this podcasting stuff. I started by listening to a few podcasts – primarily Daily Source Code and Mike’s Manic Minute - and using Doppler to pull these down to my Zen Micro. But then I started expanding out a bit – adding Ron Jacobs and Major Nelson – and I started to hit issues w/ the software. Of course, not everyone tags their podcasts with the same metadata style. Given the way the Zen Micro works, I want all the podcasts to have the same genre (i.e. “Podcast”) and then have either one song per “album” where the album has the date in the title (preferably in the yyyymmdd format for sort purposes) or one album per artist where the song has the date in the title. That way I can see all the shows from a given podcaster on my Zen Micro in a list and can easily determine the oldest and newest shows. Doppler supports tag overriding for downloaded podcasts – i.e. so I can set them all to have the genre “Podcast”. However, their “smarttags” implementation doesn’t work at all. You’re supposed to use smart tags like %date% and %album% in the tag overrides, if they worked that is. And even the hard coded genre override doesn’t work for WMA files. I assume Doppler is using an MP3 specific library for modifying the metadata tags, rather than the Windows Media libraries that work with both. I assume these will get fixed as the tools get better. In the meantime, I’ve subscribed to the MP3 versions of Ron and Major Nelson’s podcast feeds.

Update: Doppler tag overriding doesn’t seem to work for the hardcoded genre either.


Nope, Doppler uses WMP for modifying the tags if you specified WMP as a target for your downloaded MP3s. There is no MP3 specific library in Doppler. Did you enable the log file? If so, any messages in there? Check out our forum at http://forum.dopplerradio.net /Erwin
Same problems as you are having here. Doppler's tagging implemenation does not work as other's have mentioned. I am up a creek right now in trying to get these podcasts to work correctly. I have the same setup as you with doppler. I have upgraded the firmware of the zen micro to the 'plays for sure' firmware. I have followed the instructions for autoplaylists to be synchronized at http://www.jakeludington.com/archives/000408.html There is one lousy problem. When I delete the podcast and sync next time to WMP, the shows that I deleted from the zen are re-transferred. This is obviously a great feature for regular songs, but this behavior of syncing is not working for podcasts. I am wondering, has anyone found a way to do this? I"m wondering if those ipods have the sync function in teh new itunes that would work better for podcasts... The new 60 gig video ipod came out... I feel a 'justification' reason for my purchase ;)
oh, erwin is a site admin at doppler, no wonder. http://forum.dopplerradio.net/viewtopic.php?t=275 ERWIN WRITES: It has been noted, and will be fixed in 3.0 --- BTW ERWIN... version 3.0 of doppler looks promising, can't wait to use it. Feel free to email me for beta testing! I'd love to get my hands on it to give it a whirl.. it looks great. niXckskiXtchXXXXXcomcXast.neXt <--- delete all X's