Great Support from Napster on the Bleeding Edge

As I have written several times on this blog, I am using Napster 2 Go with my Creative Nomad Zen Micro. Unfortunately, the N2G compatible firmware from Creative is still in beta. Everyone in a while…not sure what the repro steps are…the Zen Micro would lose all the N2G music licenses. They’ve released new firmware (2.11.02) that is supposed to solve this problem.

However, while the new firmware will eliminate this from happening in the future, it doesn’t help you with songs that have lost their license. So you have to delete them off the device and reload them. Simple enough to do w/ WMP10. However, the music you download from N2G has a set of license restrictions, including a limit for the number of times you can transfer it to a portable device per month. I think the limit is three. I’ve reset my device a few times experimenting with it, so about half my N2G songs had reached their limit. Major bummer.

However, I dropped a quick email to the folks at Napster and the next time I synced my device, suddenly all the songs had their transfer count reset. So I was able to resync even the songs that didn’t work before. I had figured I wouldn’t get those songs back until next month, so I decided to download some other stuff to tide me over. Having the older songs transfer was a very pleasant surprise.

Bravo Napster Support!


Wow, I wish the hour I spent on the phone with them working through a bug in their software would have had the same success. They were telling me that it was Microsoft's fault. Then the guy proceeded to make up a bunch of technical nonsense to explain why. When I called him on it, he admitted that he just made it up. Thirty minutes later, he was telling me that I couldn't be experiencing that problem because it works fine on his computers at home. :S