TechEd Bloggers

I guess we’re still three months out, but TechEd Bloggers is just getting ramped up. Not to many registered bloggers yet. So far, I’m the only registered blogger in the staff category. Last year, I was staff and speaker (the only track owner also presenting I might point out) but this year I’m in marketing so they didn’t let me speak! 😄 Actually, I picked all the ARC track sessions and speakers, so I have no one to blame for myself. Yep, no one to blame but myself for significantly easing my own workload to only worrying about organizing the track, hanging out in the ARC cabana and hearding speakers (note to self, get Ted’s mobile number before the event starts) without the added worry of having to present.

Who else is going to Orlando?


See you there. Hope to finally meet you. Cheers.