The Aristocrats

Typically, my movie tastes are further down the long tail from the big blockbusters. I mean, I’m looking forward to movies like Batman Begins and War of the Worlds, but usually it’s the small quirky films that get my attention. In fact, one of the reasons I’m excited about Batman Begins is because it’s directed by Chris Nolan, director of the awesome yet quirky independent film Memento.

Along these lines, I saw something about a movie from Sundance called The Aristocrats by Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller). The premise sounds awesome:

Magician, comedian and entertainer extraordinaire Penn Jillette takes us into the secret world of comedians as we’re introduced to a perpetually filthy joke that is never told the same way twice, serving as the comedy equilavent of a jazz solo since the Vaudeville days. All that remains constant is the beginning and the end, and 105 comedians fill in the rest. [From Greg’s Previews on Yahoo Movies]

Aristocrats has been picked up by ThinkFilm. I hope they get into a theater near me, but clicking thru their site, I don’t have a lot of confidence. The only movie currently listed on the site that I recognized was Going Upriver, a documentary about John Kerry that I heard about late last year during the presidential campain. Combined with the fact that it will likely be released “unrated” as it would likely get an NC-17 rating for langugage, I’m thinking that I won’t see it until it gets released on DVD.