Napster to Go Got Going

With their Super Bowl ad yesterday, I guess Napster to Go is out of the closet. They have some new compatible devices, including the iriver H10 that Jeff likes so much. Alas, my Nomad Zen Xtra is still out in the cold. So far, it looks like only portable media centers and a handful of 5GB players (the H10, Nomad Zen Micro, Dell Pocket DJ, Gateway Photo Jukebox) are supported.

I’m wondering if older devices will ever be supported? I mean, it’s a new protocol and technology, I wouldn’t be super suprised if the older devices just couldn’t be upgraded to support the subscription service. But if that’s the case, I wish they would simply announce it and move on rather than leaving it in limbo. This post on the Creative Europe forum makes it sounds like the firmware will get upgraded, but with no idea of a date. So, in other words, I don’t know when or if I’ll get to use Napster to Go to fill up the other half of my 40GB Zen.