DIY Car Radio Harder Than I Thought

I want to listen to my Nomad in my car. Turns out you can get a cable that plugs into the CD Changer port on the back of the stock stereo in my 2001 Chevy Blazer that converts it to an RCA jack for only $60. Add a $5 miniplug to RCA cable and I figured I was golden. That is, until I tried to install it.

A comedian named Rida Rutner once said she “only like cars because they take me to clothes”. I’m not a big fan of clothes, but I don’t like cars much either (I only like care because they take me to Fry’s?). Apparently, this simple sounding DIY project of “plug in cable” requires the disassembling of half the car. Well, half the dashboard anyway. I didn’t realy expect that removing the radio would require “releas[ing] the park brake release cable from the park brake lever”. Wow.

Of course, in my area of expertise I guess most non-experts would be equally lost. I’m setting up a website for some friends, so I sent them a quick email with the status, and the response came back “could you write this again, but this time in English?” 😄