Another Zen Micro Feature Request

The other day, I wished my Zen Micro supported variable speed playback for podcast playback. I’ve got another feature request, this time for podcast recording. The Zen Micro features include built in microphone and support for voice recording. But there doesn’t appear to be any way to hook up an external microphone. The built-in mic is fine for leaving messages for yourself, but it’s not high enough quality for podcasting “on the go”. Additionally, since I’m using WMP 10 instead of the app that comes with the Zen Micro, I’m not sure there’s any way to sync the recorded files back down to my PC, but I’m thinking that’s just a matter of geting Notmad Explorer talking to my Zen Micro.

Update: Sometime shortly after I blogged this, Adam curry posted an episode of DSC recorded on a Zen Micro that Sean gave him. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m interested in how it sounds and how well it worked for Adam. Do you have to hold it near your mouth the whole time? I still wish I could use an external mic.