Experimenting with Podcasting

So I’m playing around with podcasting. The new version of dasBlog supports RSS enclosures for local binaries and I’m thinking of adding support for remote binaries. (I’m not sure my friend who hosts this blog for me would appreciate the bandwidth spike from adding downloads of media files. Of course, that assumes people would listen). So far, I’m just listening. My friend Mike does his Manic Minute and I guess Daily Source Code is the defacto standard podcast. This will be easier when I get my new AUX input installed in my car.

Listening to 30 minute podcasts like DSC on my Nomad have me longing for WMP’s variable speed feature. I listen to podcasts primarily on my Nomad – the combination of WMP 10 AutoSync, Doppler Radio and Sean’s podcast playlists makes syncing down to my player effortless. But listening to Adam Curry ramble on about podcast commercialization for 45 minutes doesn’t fit into my communte. However, listening to Adam Curry sped up 1.4x would make a 45 minute show end in just over 30 minutes. But alas, the Nomad doesn’t have that feature. Does any player support that? Or does it take more proccessing power than these things are carrying around?

Note to MSTV Foundation team – variable speed support would also be a great feature for the DVR. I wouldn’t watch 24 sped up, but I might watch the Daily Show that way.

Update: I neglected to “give props” to my boss Norman for convincing me to look at this whole podcasting thing in the first place. Given how little spare time I have these days, I’m not sure that I needed yet another hobby. On the other hand, not following your boss’s suggestions or giving him props is never good for the career! 😄


I agree. I wonder if there is an interim solution involving transcoding. Perhaps a simple app that ran automatically and time-compressed all the audio or video files in a directory would be possible.
As sson as I find a player that supports this, I am buying it. Just transcoding the full file doesn't work because sometime they include music that I want to listen to at regualr speed. When you hear of something, let me know.