Atom Is Used More Than I Thought

When I upgraded to DasBlog 1.7.2, I had to create an empty rss.aspx file on disk to fool the Title Mapper (that’s the part the handles the new title based URLs) into not looking for a post with the title “rss”. I knew that a large number of people read my post via the RSS feed, so I didn’t want to break what has been the feed address since DevHawk started. However, I didn’t think the atom feed would matter as much, so I didn’t bother to do the workaround for atom.aspx. Turns out I was wrong. Atom.aspx was requested nearly once a minute between 11pm and 12am yesterday. I got tired of counting, but I’m guessing that number is even higher during the middle of the day since just over half of my traffic comes from the US + Canada. So I created an empty atom.aspx page to fool the Title Mapper even further.

Now, will I have to do the same for my CDF feed?


Hey Harry, I was just looking through my Active Channels. After I got done reading the Disney and Pointcast feeds, I was disappointed to learn that your site no longer supports Active Channels. What gives? Sincerely, Michael Earls Curator of the "Push" technology museum
Michael, please resubscribe to my CDF feed at (instead of .aspx). I didn't get rid of the CDF feed, I just don't want to have a bunch of empty files in my web app just to fool the Title Mapper. Note, I've updated my template so that all my feeds now point to the .ashx files instead of the .aspx ones.